Why Endeavour.Partners

We create superior value by helping leaders anticipate the future, navigate the resulting challenges and opportunities, and innovate better and quicker.

How We Create Value

Endeavour.Partners has a unique way of thinking and working that enables us to better map the current landscape to develop more accurate and robust projections. We not only understand technology, innovation, demand opportunity, and business ecosystems but also excel at making connections among them. This ability gives us clearer insight into all the dynamics in play, enabling us to better anticipate future outcomes and devise a more precise, future-forward business strategy.

Our Core Team and Expansive Network

Our core team has both broad and deep specialist expertise, decades of relevant experience, and an expansive network of partnerships and relationships throughout the mobile and digital ecosystem worldwide, from global technology titans through academe and government to creative new startups.

We work closely and collaboratively with our clients in small, senior teams that are fast, friendly, and flexible. We respond quickly, communicate clearly, and adapt readily to our clients’ evolving needs.

Michael Davies

Founder and Chairman

Kanti Chakrabarti

Chief Operating Officer and Principal

Henri Bernstein

Chief Financial Officer

Our Location

Endeavour.Partners is located in a world-renown innovation hub: Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. Known as the most innovative square mile in the world, Kendall Square hosts a large concentration of technology companies and startups from the life sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical and information industries as well as several Massachusetts Institute of Technology buildings.